I think that he’s psychotic, but he’s not a psychopath. He’s a myth as well, you know? We tried to treat the film like a fairy tale, like Los Angeles is this fairy-tale land based on fantasies, and he’s the knight in his mind and Irene [Carey Mulligan] is the damsel in distress. Bernie Rose [Albert Brooks] is the evil wizard, and Ron Perlman’s the dragon he needs to slay.
Ryan Gosling, describing Drive

This Gun for Hire (1942)
please don’t look at my google image search history. but this is great.


Antonio López García (b. 1936) - Mari en Embajadores, 1962 (óleo sobre tabla, 80 x 75 cm) 

(via themagiclantern)

And seizing the two flasks…
Edward Corbould, from The poetical works of Leigh Hunt, London, New York, 1860.

Marie Windsor will *not* share her sink with Charles McGraw
The Narrow Margin (1952)
I am a philosopher not a prophet. I don’t answer questions but ask them to critique our society. Benjamin said it is the task of the leftist thinker not to ride the train of history but to apply the brake. It is also important not to say what everybody else is saying. It is boring, for instance, to criticise the US eternally. Why not China instead? It is China, after all, where they have banned fictional works considering alternative worlds, because they are afraid of their citizens’ imaginations. It is China that is colonising Africa.

Zizek is, as always, quite brilliant.

(also don’t miss this 2-hour video interview between Slavoj Zizek, Amy Goodman, and Julian Assange)

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